If you have a job which is not paying you enough or if you are a college student who wants have a source of income while working from home without having to invest any money, then these options might help you out to earn money from home. This list consist of opportunities that you can start right now and start making some money.

Online Surveys

The top brands in the market are curious to know what their customers need and demand. They are willing to pay for online surveys to get closer to their audience to improve their service. Hence, you can make use of this opportunity by completing small surveys which take 5 to 20 minutes depending upon the requirements of the company and also earn some money from it.

Online Surveys


If you are a passionate writer, you can start your own blog to post your articles, poems, stories and researches online. There are several blogging sites which you can opt for or make your own website by hiring a freelancing writer. If your blog gets popular and has significant traffic, you can post ads on your blog using Google Adsense and get paid for every click by a user.  You can also provide your contact details in case someone wants to hire you for freelance writing.

PTC Sites

PTC sites are simply paid to click sites. If you do not have much time to spend on writing articles or doing surveys. You can earn little amounts of money by clicking on links on these sites. These can be videos, games, links to websites and blogs etc. Although the earning will not be able to fulfil your demands, it will surely help you satisfy your basic needs.

Captcha Solving

If you have at least 2 hours from your busy schedule in your hand everyday, then you can think of earning money by becoming a captcha solver. It is simply a work of reading the not-so-complicated captchas and typing the exact characters. You can get paid for up to 2$ for every 1000 captchas you solve so you have to put in a little effort to earn a big amount.


Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who assists a person online without being physically present. a While being a virtual assistant, you can do a variety of tasks like marketing, coding, website and app development, research, editing content for the websites, and many more. There are many companies which offer such jobs like Zirtual, uAssistMe and 123Employee, where you can try doing something to earn a significant amount.

Writing Job

You can be a freelance writer and write for different companies online. You can write for blogs, websites, companies, institutions and individual people, and paid differently based on who your client will be.