Promoting Equality and Human Rights in Wales

Promoting Equality and Human Rights in Wales

Equality in Wales is supported by the UK, the Government Office for the South West (GOSW), the South West Regional Assembly (SWRA), South West Trade Union Congress (SW TUC), South West Forum, Capacity Builders and the Big Lottery Fund.  The website of Equality Wales is supported and contributed to by Equality Wales.

So what do we mean by Equality & Diversity? We define it as the pursuit of excellence through healthy relationships with people. People are not born thinking that everybody is not equal, by watching society they begin the believe subconsciously that people should be treated differently.

We work through many networks in the Wales to tackle discrimination and promote and embed equality and diversity within public, private and third sector organisations.

Consortia development Fund

Equality Wales are the specialist lead on equality and diversity.  We were asked by Capacity Builders - Consortia Development Fund, in partnership with other local and specialist consortia, to develop a regional Equality and Diversity Strategy for the Third Sector.  The Strategy was widely consulted on in 2007.

It is hoped that the new strategy will be used as a framework for partnership working in the region.

Also included in the strategy are some statistics which illustrate the need for an Equality and Diversity Strategy within the South West and also a simple glossary of equality related terms and acronyms.

We work to promote equality and prevent discrimination.

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